February 7, 2017

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All about your kitchen today!  Reno’s, DIY, decorating, countertops…  It’s all here!

If you’re thinking about taking on a kitchen renovation project this year, you might want to look at these numbers first. According to the 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends study, most people budget and spend between $25,001 and $50,000 for their kitchen renovation.

Here’s how much people really spend on kitchen renovations: (link:
Here’s How Much People Spend on Kitchen Renovations
Here’s How Much People Spend on Kitchen Renovations
Everyone loves to daydream about a kitchen remodel. From cabinets to appliances, there are renovations that can make your kitchen more customized for the daily grind of our chopping, cleaning, serving, and eating. A recent survey gave us some interesting insight into the remodeling desires of people just like you: out of 7,812 survey respondents, 94% planned to replace their countertops. So, where do you turn for a fresh countertop?


4 Beautiful Countertops to Complete Your Kitchen
4 Beautiful Countertops to Complete Your Kitchen

A kitchen is the focal point for all things family and food and is commonly one of the busiest rooms in the home. Taking ideas from some of world’s leading architects and interior designers, we’ve cooked up a collection of kitchen designs that will help inspire any future renovation. From the gold-leaf-clad island in designer Jamie Drake’s New York City kitchen to the rustic farmhouse details, there’s no limit to the endless creativity found inside these stunning spaces. If you’re looking for brilliant ideas for your next renovation, look no further than these magnificent kitchens that are sure to ignite a flame in any chef or design fan.

You MUST read this if you’re considering a kitchen renovation: (link:
Kitchen Renovation Ideas from the World’s Top Designers | Architectural Digest