Is a neat and organized garage on your wish list?

November 23, 2017

Are you used to driving into your garage and seeing a mess? Can of paint stacked in a haphazard fashion on open shelves. Extension cords, gloves and potting soil in a jumbled mess. Shovels with caked on mud and rakes with a errant leaves still holding on propped against the garage sidewalls (just waiting for someone to trip on them). Your concrete garage floor a mixed-up brew of dirt, leaves, oil stains with a few good cracks thrown in for good (or bad) measure.

What if your garage could be as neat and orderly as an operating room? Your hand tools, garden tools, extension cords, boots, shoes and sporting equipment tucked away – organized – and ready for your use. Does this sound like the impossible garage organization dream?

Columbus garage cabinetry and flooring in a 4 car garage in New Albany