Guide to Under-Cabinet Lighting

August 29, 2017

Under-cabinet lighting makes cooking meals easier and keeps your kitchen surfaces out of the shadows. These tips can help you add beautiful and practical under-cabinet track lighting to the kitchen, office, and other hardworking rooms.

Shed light on dark nooks and crannies in your kitchen, office, and other rooms. Designed to fit in small spaces and provide accent or task lighting, these fixtures can be used under kitchen cabinets, on bookshelves, in curio cabinets, and more. Depending on the look you’re going for, installing under-cupboard lighting can be a simple DIY project, or it can require professional installation. We’ll walk you through the different options, plus provide tips for picking the right lightbulbs.

Everything You Need to Know About Under-Cabinet Lighting (link:
Our Guide to Under-Cabinet Lighting