Concealing Home Electronics

August 24, 2017

Just because you enjoy are obsessed with Game of Thrones doesn’t mean you want a big hunka plasma taking up the majority of your apartment’s living room. Nor should you have to consume all your favorite obscure documentaries (and the, ahem, occasional Pixar flick) through a laptop screen! But the fact of the matter is that most components of a highly-functioning TV room—from wires to cable boxes, flat screens to surround speakers—don’t really meld with any design style (unless your preferred look is gadget-chic, in which case we probably can’t help you). Without suggesting that you purchase one of those fake artwork screens that scrolls over your TV when it’s not in use, an invention as weird as it is unnecessarily complicated, we’ve got solutions for disguising or hiding all the electronic bits in your TV room just by following the four steps below.

Design a TV Room That Doesn’t Look Like One Using These Tricks | Architectural Digest
Design a TV Room That Doesn't Look Like One Using These Tricks | Architectural Digest