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Minimalist Home – Yay or Nay?

This modern, minimalist, black and white home has a streamlined space that looks picture-perfect, but is also completely livable.  Would you consider a minimalist home? While most of the furniture is white, items used  are low-maintenance materials like easy-to-clean vinyl for the dining chairs and a washable slipcover on the sofa. In the living room, ...

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Warm-Meets-Minimal Decorating

We’re here to set the record straight: Pared-down style doesn’t have to be stark. In fact, the best minimalist spaces are both calming and inviting. The secret is focusing on the essentials; the things that work and the things you find most beautiful. Need proof that clean, scaled-back spaces can ...

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Less is More

Millions have been made by self-help authors advising us how to declutter our closets, our homes and ultimately our lives, by embracing the ethos of minimalism, which encourages us to figure out what we value most and get rid of all that stuff that distracts from that. And while the notion ...

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